Punk’d’s been off the air since 2007, which in today’s day and age of reboots and revivals, makes it about due for a return. The series, which originally debuted back in 2003, featured Ashton Kutcher as he played pranks on other celebrities for our entertainment.

The Hollywood Reporter posted the news that MTV is reviving Punk’d. While Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg are set to return to their duties as executive producers on the series, it sounds as though we’ll be seeing a new host... or hosts. The Reporter points out the unlikelihood that Kutcher will return to host the hidden camera prank show, noting the “time commitment of the sitcom” added to his other projects. The site also states that MTV will announce the host (or hosts) during its New Year’s Eve telecast later this month. It sounds like they're making a big deal of that announcement, which could be a hint that whoever does take over the responsibilities of hosting the show will be a recognizable name (or names). Any guesses?

As host of the original series, Ashton Kutcher's goofy but generally easy-going nature served him and the series well when it came time to reveal to the punk'd celeb that they were being pranked. I'm guessing that whoever does step in to take over the part, assuming it isn't Kutcher himself, will also have to have a similar nature and friendly nature with the pranked celebs. It'll definitely be interesting to see who they go with for the part.

While the host or hosts remain a mystery at this point, there’s a rumor that one of the new pranks featured in the series will have Justin Bieber pranking Taylor Swift. Given how beloved both of the young stars are, that’s sure to get viewers to tune in.

While we have weeks to wait to find out who’s hosting, here’s a look back at a segment from one of the early episodes of the series.

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