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MTV Orders Docu-Comedy Pilot Starring Young Female Comedian Esther Povitsky

MTV viewers may be in for an inside look at the young stand-up comedy scene in Los Angeles, should things work out for the pilot the cable network has ordered. Described as a "docu-comedy," the pilot will star Esther Povitsky, a twenty-something up-and-coming comedian.

Deadline posted the news, stating that the pilot, titled Little Esther is already in production and being produced by Stone & Company Entertainment. The project looks at "Povitsky’s relationship with her (mostly male) young standup comedian friends, providing a glimpse into the young LA comedy scene."

The video below seems like a good example of Esther's sense of humor, as we see her approaching people on the street and questioning them about sexual acts. It's obviously pretty adult-oriented in nature, so watch on with that in mind.

I think it's great that she uses the fact that she looks like a teenager as part of her act here. It makes the reactions and responses of the people she interviews all the funnier.

While a project like this could offer a huge amount of exposure for a young person looking to get a leg-up in the comedy scene, it's also possible that this could be coming a bit too soon for a comedian in her early twenties. I won't pretend to be an expert on stand-up comedy, but it's my understanding that it's a craft that takes some time to shape and build. A show like this, should the pilot become a series, could be a great starting point for Povitsky, assuming she's ready for it. And it would be really interesting to see young comedians in the earlier stages of the career.

On another note, despite the fact that it's one more show that has nothing to do with music for MTV, on the bright side, it's a project about a young twenty-something with professional ambition (as opposed to someone simply looking to get famous for being on reality TV). That seems like a step in the right direction for the network, with regards to its unscripted content.