Mary-Louise Parker Strips Down For New Weeds Promo Shoot

What the hell has been happening on Weeds? I watched the first two seasons back in the day and found them to be very good but not quite wonderful enough to continue. Then I woke up this morning and saw this picture of Mary-Louise Parker dolled up and chained like the world’s sexiest Houdini imitator. Wikipedia tells me she’s falsely confessed to a murder her son committed and now the rest of the family’s headed for Europe. Talking about lives spinning out of control.

Many people, including show creator Jenji Kohan, have speculated this could be the last crop of new episodes for the ultra-popular marijuana series, but the premium cable network hasn’t made any official decision on the show’s future. Enough of the negatives though. Here’s a look at Mary-Louise Parker as the sexiest inmate since Roxie Hart…

At forty-six years old, Mary-Louise Parker is well on her way to becoming her generation’s Helen Mirren. How is it possible that she’s actually gotten hotter over the years? If you would have told me she’d look like this after the first time I saw Fried Green Tomatoes, I never would have believed you. It defies the laws of science, but it seems foolish to complain when we all win in the long run.

The seventh season of Weeds premieres on Showtime on June 27th. I’ve missed too much to catch up, but I look forward to being filled in at a later date. You can hop on over to Entertainment Weekly to see the racy picture of Mary-Louise in all her high resolution glory.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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