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Will Matt Lauria Return To Parenthood For Season 5?

If you aren’t caught up on NBC’s Parenthood, there are some minor plot spoilers within this article.

Given Amber and Ryan ended the season on speaking terms and talking about the potential of their relationship, it seemed all but a certainty that Matt Lauria would return for Season 5 of NBC’s Parenthood, especially considering the series earned an increased episode order. Apparently, the recent addition's fate is a little more up in the air than fans would have guessed, however.

Lauria recently spoke to TV Line at the ATX Festival about next season’s possibilities, and from what it seems like, there is a very good chance the character will be a part of the lineup in some capacity in Season 5, but nothing is set in stone at this juncture. Luckily, it seems the actor is at least in talks with series creator Jason Katims.

“We don’t know what the details are going to be. But Jason recently asked me, ‘Are you up for it?’ and I told him, ‘I’m up for it!’ And since then, there have been some conversations back and forth between my manager and [higher ups].”

Lauria made a name for himself on another of creator Jason Katims' shows, Friday Night Lights. Before landing on Parenthood as a recurring character, he signed on for the ABC pilot, Gilded Lilys, which did not end up moving forward to series. However, the actor also spoke out to say that he is “doing everything he can to be involved again”. So, there is a good chance the story of Amber and Ryan will continue into Season 5.

Despite Ryan’s difficulties in adjusting back to everyday life after his Army stint, he and Amber are actually a really believable and interesting romance and I really, really hope we’ll be seeing more of that dynamic. The show really achieves a sense of balance from their perspectives and benefits from their interactions.

Parenthood is set to return to NBC’s schedule this fall in a new timeslot on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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