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Melissa McCarthy Teams Up With Taran Killam For Saturday Night Live Promo

Not only do we get a new episode of Saturday Night Live this weekend, but it also happens to be the episode that Mike & Molly star Melissa McCarthy will host. The promo above has McCarthy teamed up with Taran Killam for some humor, a bit of awkwardness, and more tension that one might expect. But it's his birthday. And he waited too long to tell her she was funny. Awkward.

Melissa McCarthy delivered some big laughs when she last hosted the show in 2011, so it was great news to hear that she was hosting Saturday Night Live again. If she's half as funny this time as she was the last time, this Saturday night's episode should be one of the better installments of the season. Needless to say, expectations are set high for this episode, especially considering the last new episode was almost a month ago, when Justin Timberlake hosted. Not only does McCarthy have a month-long hiatus to follow, but she's also following Timberlake, arguably one of - if not the - funniest hosts in recent years of the sketch comedy series. Something tells me McCarthy will hold up just fine.

Phoenix will be the musical guest in McCarthy's episode. And next week (April 13) we have Vince Vaughn to look forward to. Miguel will be the musical guest in his episode.

Below's a clip from one of the more memorable sketches from the last time McCarthy hosted SNL...