Michael C Hall Executive Producing A New Project For Showtime

Showtime has already stated that Season 8 of the hit series, Dexter, will be its last. However, the subscription cable network doesn’t seem to be getting rid of series lead Michael C. Hall so easily. On Monday, the network announced it is working on a project that will be executive produced by the longtime Dexter star.

The untitled project is based on a novel by Matthew Specktor called American Dream Machine, which follows the story of a self-made man working in the talent industry, who must deal with the challenges Hollywood produces, as well as the challenges of having two troubled sons. The book was only recently released, but it has earned enough buzz that Showtime has already bought the project and put it into development at the network.

Currently, it’s a little early to tell whether this one will go to pilot or not, but THR says the project is already well underway. Specktor himself is writing the project, with Dexter showrunner Scott Buck supervising. The American Dream Machine project won’t be the first time Hall has worked behind-the-scenes on a television project. On Dexter, the actor also serves as an executive producer, and moving to a more behind-the-scenes role might be a good fit. Still, if American Dream Machine does go to pilot, Hall is expected to have a small acting role.

We’ll let you know if the American Dream Machine-based pilot moves forward at Showtime. Until then, you’ll be able to catch new episodes of Dexter beginning on Sunday, June 30 at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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