Just a day after Lorne Michaels finally came out and said Mitt Romney would not get the opportunity to poke fun at himself during a guest stint on Saturday Night Live (at least, this season), SNL has given us a consolation prize. One of the things Michaels said yesterday was that the rest of the season will be “jam-packed” and as it turns out, Mick Jagger will be bringing some of the jam.

The incredible crooner is set to pull a double whammy on the season finale of SNL as both the episode’s host and musical guest (one man to do two jobs does not sound particularly jam-packed to me). Although this will be Jagger’s first stint as a host on the show, the man has appeared two other times as a musical guest and has been involved with the sketch-aspect in the past. Most memorably, he did that bit where Jimmy Fallon, playing Jagger, mocked the musician from the opposite side of the mirror.

Because he has been keen to do more than sing on the show in the past, it is a natural step for Jagger to give hosting a swing. Sometimes when musicians go from singing to acting on the sketch comedy program, it is difficult to find enough of the right material to make it through a whole live show, but Jagger seems pretty game for the whole thing, and besides, he is a pretty colorful dude that should be fairly easy to write for. At least I’m hoping so. It’s always better to end a season on a high note.

The Jagger episode of SNL is set to air May 19.

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