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Following Sunday night's broadcast of The Oscars was a special episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, which featured the anticipated trailer for the follow-up to the greatest movie never made, Movie: The Movie. Jessica Chastain stood by Kimmel's side for the suspenseful "preview" for Movie: The Movie 2V, which featured appearances by Bryan Cranston, Bradley Cooper, John Krasinski, Oprah, Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried, Bruno Mars, and - of course - Matt Damon, along with some other familiar faces.

Following up on last year's funny faux-trailer Movie: The Movie comes the trailer for Movie: The Movie 2V, which was unveiled for Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Oscars. Check it out ahead.

Not coming to theaters this Arbor Day.

Vampires, zombies and mummies are taking over for the sexpocalypse, which has the world plunges into chaos as humanity attempts to survive against the sexiness of the undead. Of course, a breakdancing musical based on Les Miserables and a giant Channing Tatum are the key ingredients to preventing the end of the world. Obviously.

Kimmel says Monday night's episode of JKL will feature a segment focused on the making of Movie: The Movie 2V. They did that last year too, following Movie: The Movie with "Making the Movie: The Making of Movie: The Movie," and it was pretty funny (watch that here.) So if you want to see the segment, be sure to tune in to Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight (Monday, February 25) at 11:35 p.m. EST.