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Mythbusters Is Doing Special Episodes For These Two Beloved Franchises

Mythbusters has been prepping for a new season for a while now. We recently learned the show’s Season 13 premiere would be a Simpsons-based episode, and the series will further be tapping into pop culture with Indiana Jones and A-Team based episodes, too.

For the Indiana Jones-inspired episode, Mythbusters Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage will kick things off by examining Indy’s epic escape from the booby trap-rigged cave in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Examining the proper way to steal an ancient artifact and evading a giant boulder, falling rocks, wall darts, and leaping across a seemingly never-ending pit; all that could be enough to fill the show’s entire hour. Take a peek at this video to remind you of all the craziness Indy experiences at the start of Raiders.

However, examining this one scene simply isn’t enough for the Mythbusters. Jamie and Adam will also be giving a closer look at Indy’s whip-cracking skills. Can Indy really crack his whip faster than the speed of sound? Can a man really disarm a gunman with one snap of his whip? Can a whip really help you swing over a chasm? Do any archaeology professors actually live like Indiana Jones? Okay, maybe I made that last one up…

As if a Simpsons and an Indiana Jones episode weren’t enough, Mythbusters will also channel the cult classic TV series The A-Team. The brainy duo will be figuring out if it is an actual possibility to build a fully functional cannon out of things commonly found in a barn, and they will also examine if a sewer explosion can take out bad guys without causing anyone serious injury. So even if you’ve never really delved into the world of the A-Team (insert an “I pity the fool joke” here), it looks like this episode promises tons of crazy explosions that we’ve come to expect on Mythbusters.

The Mythbusters have been through quite a lot in their 13-year run, from dangerous accidents to employing 300 zombie enthusiasts for a Walking Dead homage to the more recent complete overhaul of the show’s format. It looks like the show’s homage to pop culture will herald a pretty amazing new season. High-resolution cameras will be used to make everything (especially the explosions, because this is Mythbusters, after all) look more vibrant and fantastic, and Jamie and Adam will spend each episode focusing on two myths, rather than several smaller ones. By doing this, we’ll get to see a lot more of the process Jamie and Adam go through to bust or confirm myths, and we’ll get a closer look into the awesome science the duo uses when myth-busting.

Mythbusters premiers on Saturday, January 10 on Discovery!