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Among NBC’s projects in development is Isabel, a pilot based on the French-Canadian series Le Monde De Charlotte. Today news broke that the pilot now has its lead, and while you might not recognize the young girl’s name, if you saw the pilot for NBC’s supernatural-procedural Grimm last October, you’ve seen her face.

Isabel is set to follow an “otherwise normal angry middle-class family” dealing with everyday life while also raising a daughter who happens to have “magical qualities.” According to Deadline, set to play Isabel in the pilot is Sophia Schloss. The young actress’ credits are minimal at this point, however, she’s no stranger to shows dealing with a supernatural element. Schloss played Robin, or a “little red riding-hood”-type kidnapped child in the pilot episode of NBC’s Grimm. It wasn’t a huge role, but it did put her on the network that could be the home of a much bigger part for her. Though, Isabel doesn’t sound nearly as dark as Grimm.

Isabel actually inspires me to think of Sabrina: the Teenage Witch, or, to date myself further, Out of This World, about the girl who was half-alien. Except in those cases, both lead characters were teens, whereas Schloss is younger.