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If you were disappointed to learn that NBC cancelled The Event, have hope! There’s a chance the series could continue on Syfy as a miniseries and possibly more.

The Event was an NBC series that premiered last fall and starred Jason Ritter as a man whose fiancé goes missing while on a cruise. In an attempt to track her down, he begins to uncover a huge government cover-up. The series merged genres, with a bit of action/adventure, some drama and some sci-fi. A move to Syfy would make sense.

According to Deadline, following the announcement of the show’s cancellation, series creator Nick Wauters and exec-producer Steve Stark told fans that there was a chance the series, could be continued on somewhere else. This is something fans often hope to hear when their show is cancelled, though it’s fairly rare that it actually happens. Regardless, from what Deadline is reporting, talks are in the works for Syfy to pick the series up as a miniseries.

Cost is obviously going to be a factor in whether this actually happens, and it’s likely that cast availability will also be taken into account. Looking at it optimistically though, if the miniseries does end up happening and it does well, there’s a chance the series could be continued from there on Syfy. As the series had some sci-fi elements, a move to the cable network would make sense and could generate a more loyal following, reaching out to viewers who are hoping to find more sci-fi on Syfy.

UPDATE: Bad news - Syfy Senior Executive Craig Engler tweeted today:

To answer some questions I've been getting, at this time we have no plans to pick up The Event.