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Just weeks after announcing that they would be taking USA’s episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent and re-airing them on NBC, the peacock network has announced similar plans for two other USA series. The Hollywood Reporter says that starting in January, both Monk and Psych will have second homes on NBC’s primetime schedule. Starting January 11, the new seasons of both of these shows will be shown in their usual Friday night timeslots on USA. NBC will rerun them on Sunday nights.

Of the additions to NBC’s Sunday night lineup, Ben Silverman, co-chairman of NBC-Universal Entertainment says, "These two tremendously popular USA series are a great fit with NBC's current programming strategy and brand," which translates into “holy crap, we are screwed come January. This network cannot survive on American Gladiators alone.”

While it’s common to see network shows being rerun on cable, rerunning cable shows on the networks rarely happens. However, if the cable-heavy Golden Globe nominations are any indication, more networks will probably start cherry-picking series from their sister channels. Besides, what better way is there to make advertisers forget about the fact that the shows on which they spent millions of dollars to advertise don’t exactly exist at the moment, than by dangling a show like Dexter in front of their faces?