Even with The Biggest Loser starting to languish a bit in ratings, NBC has decided the time-tested brand is worthy of at least one more go around. You can hardly blame them either. With the network still hurting compared to its rivals, the thought of abandoning one of the most established brands seems ludicrous. Plus, almost nine million viewers a night is nothing to scoff at, especially for a relatively inexpensive reality show with charitable appeal.

In addition, the Peacock Network has also renewed two other reality vehicles, one expected and one a bit of a surprise. The Sing-Off will obviously be back. The program performed very well in a limited engagement a few months ago, seeing gains of more than twenty-five percent from its debut season. On the other hand, Who Do You Think You Are? could be considered a disappointment, depending on who you talk to, but it’ll still return. According to NBC, it’s their highest rated Friday show all season, which probably says more about them than the program itself, but hey, I’m sure its seven million or so weekly viewers will be pleased about the announcement.

According to Deadline, Minute To Win It was conspicuously absent from the renewals. The game show, probably my least favorite on television, did well out of the gate, but it’s been trending downward lately. I blame it’s overall obnoxiousness.

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