NBC To Trump Trump With Contract Renewal?

Apparently bored with starting illogical feuds with Rosie O’Donnell, Donald Trump has moved on to biting the hand that feeds him by taking on NBC.

At the network’s upfronts last week ‘The Apprentice’ was left off the line-up, with the official word from NBC saying that they still needed to finalize the schedule. Refusing to let a single sleeping dog lie, Trump released a statement on Friday of last week, saying that he was “moving on” to a “major TV venture.” (Probably like the “major TV venture” Rosie had planned in taking over ‘The Price is Right,’ a plan which , Gawker is reporting as dead in the water).

Turns out NBC is holding a trump card of its own—it has the Donald under contract for a seventh season, and has until June 1 to exercise that option, according to Reality TV World.

It’s hard to say what it would be like should the world’s biggest and most powerful whiner be forced to return to television, but all signs point to hilarious. Trump has spent the past few years stomping all over the television airwaves shouting “Nyah nyah nyah nyah! You can’t catch me!” The ‘Apprentice’ boardroom is a giant echo chamber of “Yes, Mr. Trump” and “You’re right, Mr. Trump,” and the Donald seems entirely unaware that his heyday as a symbol of real American wealth is long gone by. It would be refreshing and cruelly satisfying to see someone bring him down a few notches, even if he still gets to preen over yet another crop of insanely attractive cutthroat business types. Let the games begin!

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend