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The Office's David Brent Drops More Wisdom And Spaceman Lyrics In Ricky Gervais' Latest Video

So, unless I'm misinterpreting David Brent's words, he thinks he's like Winston Churchill or Mahatma Gandhi, but he's doing it with music. That's very wise. Also wise? Not being easily baited. Brent will talk about whether or not he's single, but he refuses to answer the "A-minor" question. Some cheeky fan though that was a good question to ask, but you can't get one past Brent, can you?

The above video is the latest installment of the Learn Guitar With David Brent webseries to drop on Ricky Gervais' YouTube Channel. The comedian revived lead character of the original The Office series earlier this year for Comic Relief, and it seems David Brent just won't go away. What's more, he's figured out how to use the internet to promote himself and he's now teaching people how to play the guitar. Or he would be teaching people how to play the guitar if he wasn't so busy dropping wisdom bombs on his many subscribers. David Brent's always been one to beat around the bush, and his guitar lessons are no exception.

The latest webisode is about 80% David Brent answering fan questions and propping himself up in a way only David Brent can, and 20% performing the song "Spaceman Came Down," which he performed when he was at Wernham Hogg, but according to Brent, the documentary crew cut out a verse. Fortunately, Brent didn't forget it and he was able to deliver the missing piece of the puzzle to us. The end of the video reminds us that the next one will arrive on July 1, which is just a couple of weeks away.

Those who want a bit more David Brent wisdom can watch this previously released video and subscribe to Gervais' YouTube Channel.

And because you know you have "Spaceman Came Down" stuck in your head, here's the rest of the song...

No mention of Father's Day in the video, though Ricky Gervais did acknowledge the holiday in a Tweet today, which also managed to plug his current series Derek, due to hit Netflix this fall.

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