The Office Finale Clips Reveal A Sob Story And A Home Coming

Vague finale spoilers ahead!

In a matter of hours - well, half-a-day or so - we'll be watching the final episode of The Office, which should give us some sense of the post-documentary fate of the characters of this long-running workplace comedy. The latest clips zoom in on one character in particular, who's coming home for the special occasion. By the videos revealed, Andy Bernard hasn't had an easy go of it since the documentary aired.

We know that the finale will focus on Dwight's wedding to Angela, as well as the reunion special for the documentary. And the previously released clip revealed that Jim was planning the bachelor party. The above clip reveals that Andy's a cappella audition breakdown went viral. And not Andy-refreshing-over-and-over viral but legit viral, parodies and all, putting Andy in league with the double rainbow guy and the Star Wars kid. Other people seem to be doing a bit better in their post-documentary lives.

In the clip below, we see Andy return to Dunder Mifflin, which gives us an inking of what's going on there, and also reveals the return of another character...

Darryl's cruising around in a limo? Someone's hit it big time! I love that. And it looks like there's a new guy. Is he sitting where Stanley used to sit? Has Stanley retired? Maybe watching the documentary made him realize he'd had enough and decided to part ways with Dunder Mifflin to spend more time with his TV shows and a glass of wine.

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