Oh Cavemen, We Hardly Knew Ye

It’s the end of May, so TV fans are awash in a glut of finales and promos for new shows beginning in the fall. As we’re saying goodbye for the Summer to some of our favorite shows and learning about the new ones, it’s important to pause and remember of the series who have passed from this mortal coil.

As I was reading Kelly West’s updated list of canceled shows, I was imagining violin music and a slideshow in which the most popular ones were getting the biggest applause. It was just like the In Memoriam at the Oscars—with Moonlight as Heath Ledger (Er, too soon?).

What I find interesting about the shows that didn’t make it to next season is how there aren’t too many returning shows that were canceled. On the Big 4 networks, you’ve got Jericho and Men in Trees among a few others, but the vast majority of the cancellations are freshman series. Of course, that’s usually the way it is, but Fox hasn’t canceled a single show that is in its second season or higher—talk about not rocking the boat.

For the troubled CW, however, the scene is a little bit different. Beauty and the Geek and Girlfriends have had long presences on the network, even before its incarnation as The CW. Even Pussycat Dolls Present was blowing Veronica Mars out of the water a few seasons ago. The problem is, nobody is watching The CW. For as much hype as Gossip Girl gets, for instance, the ratings are decidedly less than stellar.

Speaking of stuff nobody is watching, is it bad that I write about television and don’t even really remember some of these shows? I vaguely remember Nashville getting canceled after, I believe, one episode, but I couldn’t tell you what Just for Laughs is if you paid me. Phenomenon sounds vaguely familiar, but the first thing I go to is still the movie starring John Travolta (which I always confuse with Michael, the one where he’s a fallen angel or whatever).

In any case, I can’t say I’m too heartbroken to see any of these shows go. Sure, I enjoyed Women’s Murder Club, Miss/Guided and Jericho, but I wasn’t deeply in love with any of them. Everything else I either never saw (Moonlight) or thought sucked anyway (Cavemen) although, I have to say I did see one episode of Aliens in America and it was pretty cute. So what do you think? What’s the biggest travesty on this list? Is anyone truly going to miss Kid Nation?