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Next on deck for HBO’s summer documentary series is No One Dies In Lily Dale. Check out the trailer for this documentary about a town full of mediums.

Whether or not you believe that people can communicate with the dead, you have to admit, the subject is kind of interesting. For some, the whole “crossing over” thing is the real deal, while others consider this type of psychic profession to be nothing more than a trick and an exploitation of people’s grief.

On Monday (July 5th), HBO will air a documentary that centers on a town near Buffalo, New York that is inhabited by a number of people claiming to be able to communicate with the dead. Below is the trailer for the film.

Personally, I’m on the fence about this subject but not having an opinion on an issue one way or another hasn’t stopped me from watching most of the other documentaries HBO has aired this summer. If you have HBO, I highly recommend checking some of them out, especially Gasland, Smash His Camera, Kevorkian and Google Baby.

No One Dies In Lily Dale premieres Monday, July 5 at 9PM/8C on HBO.

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