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You’re life may not be a joke, and you may not be broke, but the full-on Friends reunion set to occur later this month is already D.O.A. Can we get a sad set of claps from everyone? While 5/6 of the Central Perk-dwelling group will still be there, Matthew Perry will not be there to take part. At least not in person.

Don’t go putting Matthew Perry in a box as a form of forgiveness, though, as his absence won’t be spawned from disinterest or something else tabloid-worthy. Here’s what Perry’s spokeswoman Lisa Kasteter said, according to USA Today.
Matthew will not be attending as he is in London in rehearsals for his play, The End of Longing. NBC executives were aware of this prior to their announcement. Matthew may tape something for the tribute. In other words, this is not the reunion people have been hoping for.

Take that comment to the lab to confirm that is indeed snark wafting off of it. Even if it was just delivered straight-up, it does jab a hole into the anticipation for seeing the entire Friends crew together for the upcoming NBC special dedicated to James Burrows, the legendary director with over 1,000 TV episodes under his belt. An incomplete set of something is still nice and all, but getting all six in front of camera together would be money.

To be fair, Robert Goldblatt’s announcement didn’t boast a definitive sextet of cast members standing around and spouting quotes, saying that it might not be logistically possible. So he’s also not necessarily someone to be targeted for false advertising. But it still feels like someone was behind this, splintering away at destiny from afar. Like maybe Chandler’s jilted roommate Eddie.

The ever-popular Friends is just one of the many shows whose cast members will be making appearances at the special. James Burrows’ career goes back to 1974 with an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and it’s obviously been a prolific one ever since. Viewers can probably expect to see celebs from shows such as Will and Grace, Cheers, Frasier. Two and a Half Men and many others. The fine print is still being worked out, so it may be a surprise to see just how many people show up to honor the TV icon.

Given David Schwimmer’s reported avoidance of reunions, I figured it would be him that ended up opting out of this regrouping over whatever David Schwimmer-related things come up. But he’ll be there, along with a slew of other TV stars, when the James Burrow special airs on NBC on Sunday, February 21.