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Last night’s special post-Academy Award episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live featured a very special appearance by none other than Oprah Winfrey herself. In addition to sitting with Kimmel for an interview, Winfrey showed off her sense of humor by participating in a segment, which has Kimmel pitching various Oprah-esque ideas to her for her network OWN.

The sketch starts out on a goofy note, as we see Kimmel enter Oprah’s office and sit on an extremely short chair, which allows him to stare up at the great Oprah, while he attempts to pitch (ridiculous) ideas for OWN, which we see reenacted. This includes “Oprah: After Dark,” which has the former talk show host bathing in a bubble bath, and “Book Club Fight Club,” which features a brawl following a disagreement about Harper Lee’s classic novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Check it out ahead...

You may have also caught the special guest appearance by Jennifer Aniston. She and Oprah definitely weren’t the only celebrities featured during last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. The episode also featured a movie trailer spoof with more Hollywood A-listers than you could shake an Oscar at. Watch that video here.

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