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Empire has been crushing in the ratings since the first episode aired on Fox this winter, and the network is already gearing up to bring the hit series back for a second season. There’s no doubt that Empire is quite the popular TV series, and with that in mind, it should be no shock that the hit drama has decided to sign on two big names for Season 2. Oprah Winfrey and Common will both appear in Empire next season.

Recently, creator Lee Daniels revealed that he is already writing roles for Oprah Winfrey and Common for next season. Both roles would be guest stints, although Daniels is currently staying mum about what the two roles will entail, which makes sense, considering we don’t even know how Empire will wrap up the first season, yet. Daniels made the announcement during an episode of Access Hollywood, and it seems as if he shared the news with the outlet before he told the actors, at least in Common’s case. Here’s how Daniels officially confirmed Common’s appearance.
Oh yeah, for sure. For absolutely sure. We're gonna have a good time. You heard that first.

However, appearances from both Oprah Winfrey and Common are not that far-fetched. Lee Daniels’ net of connections is fairly vast, and he actually worked with Oprah recently when she took a major role in Lee Daniels’ The Butler. Oprah is such a busy and powerful woman that you would think he would confer with the actress before casting her in his new TV show, and perhaps in Oprah’s case, he did, as Daniels only revealed that she will be on. In Common’s case, it’s clear the actor is interested in a guest stint.


The former Hell on Wheels and recent Selma actor is pretty good at self-promoting and has spoken out about wanting to take a role on Empire--especially since the show shoots in Chicago, where the actor hails from. Speaking out about wanting the gig has apparently worked, and we're guessing he won't be the last big celebrity to have a role written for him next season.

Luckily, Empire is not quite ready to break for the season, yet. Following a huge reveal during this past week’s episode regarding a Maury-worthy paternity reveal, Fox’s splashy drama will air a 2-hour finale on Wednesday, March 18 at 8 p.m. ET.

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