Oprah Winfrey is looking to pick up the ratings for OWN, but instead of maybe getting some new, decent programming and turning the network into something actually watchable, she’s begging Twitter followers to tune in. Maybe it's just me, but her planned Whitney Houston special winds up coming off as another grab at ratings in the wake of her unfortunate tweets.

Just before the Grammys aired, Winfrey tweeted a request for her followers to tune in to OWN. Not only that, but she emphasized that she especially wanted Neilson families to tune in. Which is, by the way, not okay with Neilson. Deadline has a copy of the tweet, which is noticeably absent from Oprah’s Twitter feed history today. There is, however, yet another tweet later in the night, noting that the Grammys had gone to commercial and asking viewers to switch over to OWN. Really, Oprah?

So, after trying to lure viewers (laughably) away from the Grammys last night, where Whitney was being honored throughout the show, she then moved on to using her 2009 interview with Houston as part of a two-hour special on the singer to air on OWN. The Hollywood Reporter says she’ll re-air the interview that was supposed to be the beginning of Whitney’s comeback, as well as sharing her own memories. So the message is, don’t tune in to the Grammys for the tribute to Houston, but be sure to tune in when we honor her over at OWN. Especially if you happen to have a Neilson box. I'm sure Oprah would have honored Whitney either way, but somehow, following on the tweeted ratings plea, it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

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