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Parenthood Season 4 Finale Promo Focuses On Sarah's Love Triangle And Kristina's Health

Parenthood only just returned from its brief winter hiatus a few weeks ago and it's already wrapping up for the season. The promo for next week's "Because You're My Sister" reminds us that the episode that airs next Tuesday night will be the last for Season 4, after which we'll have to hope that the show pops up on NBC's 2013-2014 schedule for its fifth season. I'm hopeful that it will, but we'll see. In the meantime, check out the promo for the Season 4 finale.

Will Sarah choose Mark or Hank? It seems like Mark is the obvious choice right now. Sure, Hank may be a bit more age-appropriate and he and Sarah have some things in common, but it seems to take far too much effort for Hank to show Sarah how he feels. Granted, some people aren't big on the feelings-sharing, but if this is how things are at the start of the relationship, where will they go from here? Meanwhile, Mark seems to be willing to put up a fight for her. And let's face it, he and Sarah are adorable together. Still, it's impossible to know where things will go in this love triangle, but that's one of the topics addressed in the promo for the Season 4 finale…

Also addressed is Kristina's health status, which is obviously a major issue and will hopefully reveal that she's getting better and not worse. There's also the matter of Victor's adoption. It seems like that's going to happen, but will there be another setback? We'll find out when the episode airs next Tuesday at 10/9c on NBC.