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Parenthood Season 4 Finale Promo And Photos Focus On Kristina And Sarah

It seemed like a treat when Parenthood returned early from its winter hiatus at the start of January, but as of tonight, the series' fourth season is out of episodes. Parenthood's Season 4 finale airs tonight, after which we'll be left to hope that the show will return for Season 5. And in the meantime, we'll have Smash to enjoy on Tuesday nights, come February.

Vague spoilers and speculation ahead!

For those who haven't seen it already, here's the promo for the Season 4 finale, which focuses heavily on Sarah's love-triangle with Hank and Mark, as well as Kristina's health issues.

The photos NBC has released for "Because You're My Sister" also focus on what's going on with Kristina and Sarah.

This one shows Kristina talking to her friend Gwen, who from the looks of it, is back having chemo.

The next one is a bit more optimistic as it shows Kristina smiling. Is there good news to report? Or is she just happy to see whoever she's looking at (possibly Gwen?)?

And on Sarah's side of things, this one's potentially spoilery as it shows Hank in a taxi and Sarah standing in the background.

Hard to know for sure if the above image is the sight of Hank leaving and the end of his relationship with Sarah, but it seems like that's one of the possible outcomes for this relationship. Either way, he looks uncertain in that photo.

Finally, here's a shot of Sarah and Amber having what appears to be a heart-to-heart.

Parenthood airs Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

Kelly West
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