The Bravermans are back! And you want to stop reading now if you didn't watch last night's Season 5 premiere, as we're about to get into spoiler territory. If you need to get caught up, watch the premiere here. The above video gives us a look ahead at what's coming up this season, and after last night's episode, which introduced a number of exciting developments, the biggest of which may be Amber's engagement to Ryan! Of course, there's also Kristina's campaign, the new baby for Crosby and Julia's work situation, or lack thereof.

All throughout the Season 5 premiere, it seemed like maybe there was some disconnect between Amber and Ryan, and then he came home and after giving her a kiss hello, dropped to his knee to ask her to marry him. She said yes! And I cried. Don't judge me. From the preview above, it looks like Sarah has some reservations about the engagement. Yes, Amber's young, but I'm inclined to agree with her that she isn't her mother. And this relationship isn't the same as Sarah's and Seth's. All the same, I expect there to be some challenges for Amber and Ryan, but since i adore him and adore them, I really hope they make it work. As for Sarah and Hank, are they destined to get back together? I really hope so, but it seems like for now, they're broken up, and maybe Sarah will end up with the tenant who prefers younger women.

Next up, we have Kristina. I thought she was actually going to decide to work with Bob, but why not skip over that step in running his campaign and go straight to running her own campaign? It's an ambitious endeavor, but an exciting one and a great step for Kristina to take after battling cancer. The preview gives us a glimpse of Jurnee Smollett's Heather Hall, the woman who will be Kristina's campaign manager, and who from the looks of it, will be preparing Kristina and Adam for this campaign, which could put the family under a microscope.

For Jasmine and Crosby, their next big challenge is little Aida, the adorable baby who loves to cry, and who's apparently messing up at least one restaurant experience for them. That's an interesting subject for the series to tackle, as parents around the world can probably relate to the challenge of taking a particularly fussy baby to public places.

As for Julia and Joel, the season premiere had Joel landing a big work contract, which will involve him working with a very beautiful woman, played by Sonya Walger. We also know that David Denman is set to guest star in an arc involving Julia. And from the preview, it seems like they're in for some struggles as they continue to try to manage their work and parenting arrangements, especially considering Julia was trying to go back to work but thwarted by her old boss.

Finally, Camille wants to see the family house? What's going on there? Zeek doesn't sound like he's on board with that.

So there are some exciting plots in development for the new season. Just remember, Parrenthood's new timeslot is Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m.

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