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We learned last week that Vice President Joe Biden was set to make an appearance in an upcoming episode of Parks and Recreation. At that time, we got a quick glimpse of Biden in the show and now we have a few more photos to look at in anticipation of the episode.

NBC's description has the date listed as "TBD," but series co-creator Michael Schur tweeted that the episode is airing tomorrow night:

Meanwhile, NBC released a number of photos, which give us a look at the Vice President with the cast and came with the caption:
PARKS AND RECREATION -- "Washington D.C." Episode TBD -- Pictured: Vice President Joe Biden guest stars in a surprise meeting Ben (Adam Scott) sets up for Leslie (Amy Poehler) during one of their visits to D.C.

Perhaps the Vice President will help Leslie out in some way! Based on the photos NBC released, it looks like he's getting along with the cast pretty well.

These look like they might be behind-the-scenes photos (especially the last one, since I'm pretty sure that's Schur standing with Biden and the cast). There's a lot of smiling going on there, but that's probably to be expected with Joe Biden. You can watch the previously released video snippet of Biden's appearance here. He's not the first politician to make his way onto Parks and Recreation. John McCain made a quick cameo on the NBC comedy when Leslie was in the coat room having a moment.

Parks and Recreation airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on NBC.