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Parks & Recreation Season 4 Finale Watch - Win, Lose or Draw

Parks and Recwraps up another great season with one of the best episodes of the year and a win for our new Councilwoman, Leslie Knope!

The campaign has been a long running plot line for the season and I think it paid off well. We got to really enrich the relationship between Leslie and Ben, dig deeper into Leslie’s warm soul, and take the groups bonds to new heights. For an episode being centered around Leslie’s eventual victory it is surprisingly balanced, giving great little moments to everyone.

Leslie had her big moment a couple weeks ago at the debate and it was nice to see them spread the love, but that doesn’t mean Leslie didn’t get anything to do this week. Leslie’s moments were both poignant and hilarious, with her prideful marking of her name on the ballot being the real standout. The moment was made even better by the hilarious tag with Bobby Newport continuing to be an idiot. Also, don’t smear cream cheese on your cell phone; its not a bagel.

Speaking of Bobby Newport, I hope we get to see him again some time as Paul Rudd has been fantastic in the role. So gentle and sweet, and not so secretly Leslie’s biggest fan, Rudd was great in every moment given to him throughout the season. They sprinkled him in the just right amount ever since he was introduced and that trend continued tonight. From the aforementioned balloting moment, to his loss being the biggest relief of his life, Rudd was great. Bobby Newport, you will be missed.

The rest of the cast gets some nice character beats and some potential set ups for next season; though Donna and Jerry might get the best material. Donna swoops in and saves the day for April and Andy after they deleted the department’s files, a terribly generic problem to introduce Andy’s desire to be in law enforcement, but Retta is so sweet in perfect in that quick beat that nothing made me smile wider. The potential of Andy going through police officer training should be comic gold next season and I fear for the criminals and citizens of Pawnee.

Jerry on the other hand forgot to vote, well he was busy passing out flyers, but watching him squirm as the votes stayed neck and neck was a much needed dose of nervous Jerry that we have been missing over the last few weeks. The tag at the end of the episode of Ron ratting out Jerry was also a fantastic cap to the season which has been a rough go for our loveable loser.

Ron deciding he wants to just idle in life wasn’t a really a revelation, but without Leslie in the department and his son-like figure Andy probably leaving, I see a lot of tension between April and Mr. Swanson next season. It was funny to see Chris find happiness in sex and his stamina in the bedroom was a hilarious revelation, but I don’t know where that character is going. As for Anne and Tom, I hate to see them potentially throwing them together again at the end of the episode and I hope that it was just a simple joke to call back to Tom’s “realistic” dream.

All in all, a pretty great season of Parks and Rec was wrapped up in a pretty great finale. Leslie wins, they affectively set up some potential season five plotlines, and introduced a potential wedge for our romantic leads with Ben moving to D.C. for six months. I am sure Leslie and Ben will be able to weather the storm, but a little bit of drama in their relationship should help keep the two interesting. Parks and Rec is arguably the best sitcom on network television right now and this weeks finale was an excellent representation of why. Anyways, hope you enjoyed the recaps this season and maybe we can do this again if and when season 5 gets picked up.


-I hope they don't tie!

-"I don't see a problem."

-"This isn't a bagel."

-"Leslie, you can't vote for yourself. I think that's illegal."

-"What is that."

-"And then one more time."

-"Our ferocious sexual decathlon..."

-"Anne Perkins!"

-"First you did the right thing by hiding under this table."

-Ben, you are a terrible liar.

-"Are you happy or angry."

-"I don't get it!" I love Paul Rudd. Sweet moment with Leslie there too.

-Jermaine visited once and got a ballroom named after him, nice.

-Poor Jerry.

-"You little screamer."

-"Burn our fingertips off with acid. Swap faces."

-"Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets."

-"I still get my milk delivered by horse."

-That drink rolled right off Ben's tongue.

-"and amateur go-kart champion..."

-"I picked the wrong week to do a juice cleanse."

-"You drive, I've had eleven whiskeys."

-"Bring it in boy."

-"We'll do it all over Washington."

-Yay Leslie!

-"Honestly, I've never been more relieved in my entire life."

-John Ralphio!

-"Smart move, go with your gut."

-She's going off script...nailed it.

-No, keep them apart!

-Officer Dwyer could be dangerous,

-"Jerry forgot to vote."