Parks And Recreation Watch: Season 6, Episode 16 - New Slogan

Parks And Rec delivers another average episode that fizzles out after a strong start for a number of the night’s plotlines.

Pawnee is launching a new website, dancing, ping-pong playing panda and all, and one of the first initiatives to launch with the site is a new slogan for the city. It is an online poll, but when it is taken over by Crazy Ira and the Douche’s write in campaign Leslie is left to deal with the fallout. The plotline is supposed to be about Leslie learning to let go of her hands on approach, as this will be necessary for her future federal job, but outside a couple of fun interviews with the local news faces and Jewish Craig rocking the soundboard there isn’t a whole lot to laugh at. That isn’t the end of the world, but when you have Ira and the Douche on the show you expect a lot out of the duo. The plays on the shock jock online poll takeovers and cyber defamation of public websites are inspired, but there only play for one joke. I know we are supposed to watch Leslie grow for a possible exit, but this plot fell flat.

Also falling flat is the search for Tom’s Bistro storefront, which never gets off of the ground. Again, so much of the story is committed to how much April and Donna like Tom and don’t want to see him leave, but I’m not really sure that I a) buy that and b) need them to focus on that this late in the show's run. These guys are friends, we get it, go get them into funny situations and stop trying to make us care so much. I already care, a lot, that is why I watch the show guys.

The biggest waste might be the reappearance of Duke Silver, who we only get to enjoy for a brief scene. That scene is gold, but the rest of that plot line is just Andy telling Ron not to quit being a musician. I was also really excited about the potential bonding of Craig and Andy in a search for music acts, but Craig disappeared after the first scene. What the hell? I just feel like there was so much potential for Andy to interact with Craig or Duke Silver and this storyline basically turned into nothing.

A lot of potential this week on Parks and Rec, but they weren’t able to take advantage of just about any of it. I’m not quitting the show anytime soon, but I have never been so let down by a season of the show since its inaugural season. The show just seems lost and doesn’t really know where to go with just about anyone. I hope they can right the ship before the season is out and maybe give them a new direction to take the show. Where it is at now isn’t really working.

Random Notes:

-What the hell is Peebo the Panda?

-“This is truly a fine panda game you’ve made.”

-“I love you Ben!”

-“Boom, you’re dancing ten feet away from freaking Max Weinberg!”

-Poor Larry.

-“A slogan is a series of words that have meaning.”

-Duke Silver!

-Warm bathtub full of my jazz? You nasty Duke Silver.

-More of Ira and the Douche!

-That cross talk was fantastic.

-“You’re like the saxophone player of California Raisins good.”

-“Jewish Craig whatever we are paying you it is not enough.”

-Duke Silver, NO!

-“That’s a load bearing T-Rex.”

-Poor Jerry.

-“I didn’t actually sell my last car. I forgot where I parked it.”