The countdown to Lifetime's Flowers in the Attic sequel movie Petals on the Wind is just days away at this point. Lifetime has released a dramatic new trailer, titled "Seduction," which gives fans of the movie and V.C. Andrews' series a novel a glimpse of the drama that awaits for Cathy and her siblings.

Spoilers if you still haven't seen (or read) Flowers in the Attic! And if that's the case, you can get the digital version of the TV movie on Amazon for the low price of 99 cents!

Moving on to Petals on the Wind, we've already provided our book-to-screen analysis of the TV movie, which picks up ten years after Chris, Cathy and Carrie escape the attic, leaving their abusive mother and grandmother behind and determined to start over.

Petals on the Wind brings Heather Graham and Ellen Burstyn back to play Corrine and Olivia respectively. Meanwhile, the roles of Cathy, Chris and Carrie have been recast with older actors. Rose McIver will play Cathy, who's pursuing a career in dance, which is teased a bit in the trailer as we see her dancing with Julian (Will Kemp), a love interest introduced in the followup. Bailey Buntain plays Carrie, the youngest Dollanganger sibling, whom we see in the preview above approaching Graham's Corrine, who outright denies that she ever had children.

And then there's Wyatt Nash, who plays Carrie and Cathy's older brother Chris. The new trailer has him admitting to Cathy that "All I've ever wanted is you." Not exactly the kind of love a brother should have for his sister, but if you've seen Flowers in the Attic, you know that the relationship took a dark and incestuous turn for the siblings during the years they spent locked away in Foxworth Hall. Petals on the Wind reveals these siblings as they grow into adulthood and have to face the damage that's been done to them, thanks to their greedy and superficial mother.

Those who haven't yet still have time to read the book on which Lifetime's TV movie is based. I'll be curious to see if Lifetime decides to continue telling this story, as Andrews' series actually goes on for two more books beyond Petals on the Wind, with one prequel novel. There's also the planned followup books coming soon, which will revisit the story from a new perspective. Presumably ghost written, the two planned novels will be set in the present day and centered on a distant relative of the Dollangangers. The first of the Christopher's Diary books is due out this October.

That's thinking a bit far ahead, however. We'll have to wait and see how Petals on the Wind performs when it airs this Monday, May 26 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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