Poor Guy On Divorce Court Is Convinced His Wife Had Sex With The Wu Tang Clan

While historically a person’s suspicions about a cheating spouse has only needed the most superficially subtle of accusations to slide down a slippery slope of conjecture, this poor guy on Divorce Court might have the most outrageously understandable reason to pile on the paranoia. Apparently, his live-in girlfriend left their shared abode to spend an all-night bender with the Wu-Tang Clan. Yeah, that Wu-Tang Clan!

Standing in the courtroom in front of Judge Lynn Toler, the clip begins with Divorce Court “contestant” Lia recounting a tale of her boyfriend Nathan’s suspicions; her story depicts him as a paranoid, controlling and possibly chauvinistic, as she begins spinning her yarn with the qualification, “this sounds ridiculous.” Indeed, as the insane anecdote unfolds, it appears that Nathan is under the belief that his girlfriend Lia spent a salacious night with the Wu-Tang Clan. It’s an outrageously insulting claim to hurl towards one’s significant other, for sure. Right?

Well, certainly after Lia’s opening sentence salvo, we’re clearly left thinking that this guy is positively paranoid. However, as her story continues to unfold, the infidelity gets just a bit more feasible with every ensuing sentence. Her story features her going from initially meeting the group, to actually getting on their tour bus and eventually winding up at their hotel to “hang out all night.” While Lia vehemently denies that anything unseemly occurred, claiming that the night was filled just talking with discussions on politics, the alleged “hang out” session lasted all night until 7 a.m.!

At this point, Nathan is starting to look a bit more sympathetic, despite the fact that he consciously made the choice to showcase THAT piercing in a courtroom setting on national TV. Based on some stories told in a hub of hearsay, there is probably not enough objective evidence to determine the truth of Lia’s claims that nothing happened that night. However, in the very least, her blasé attitude towards an incident that most definitely LOOKED bad, in the very least, betrayed a bit of pathological indifference about where she was in the relationship with Nathan.

Was she obligated to “report” every step of her evening with him? No, but to anyone who would at least give an iota of a shit about their relationship, the thought might have occurred to them that leaving a significant other at home while spending all night in a tour bus and hotel room with rich, popular rap legends in an unconventional social setting might, MIGHT just look bad. In the very least, it was in poor taste to leave Nathan hanging all night before strolling home in the morning, unapologetically. Thus, even if Lia was telling the truth and the Wu-Tang Clan did NOT pass her around like a blunt, her obliviousness might indicate that the couple appeared on the appropriate show.