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It’s not quite the holiday season yet, but tell that to the stores already selling Christmas decorations amidst the Halloween costumes and candy. They aren’t the only ones prepping for December. ABC has another Prep & Landing Christmas special in the works and we have some colorful new key art to share with you, as well as a few details on the Christmas special’s plot.

Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice will have Wayne and Lenny petitioning the help of some Coal Elves in an effort to retrieve “classified North Pole technology” from a computer hacking kid on the naughty list. IMDB has Sarah Chalke, Dave Foley and Derek Richardson set to return to their voice roles, with Chris Parnell also joining the group. His role isn't listed, however I'm wondering if he's the coal-elf shown in the middle of the photo below.

Here’s the key art for the special, which will air this December on ABC.

I thought dwarves had the mining industry cornered. Apparently not, or perhaps Snow White’s pals stick to gem-mining and leave the coal to the elves. Given that Santa’s likely to require a heavy supply of coal during the holiday season, it makes sense to have some of his own people mining the stuff on his behalf.