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The CW’s 90210 is prepping for its season finale and to make things a little more epic, the show has signed on a youngster for his acting debut. Prince Michael Jackson, otherwise known as Michael Jackson’s oldest child, has signed on to guest star in the last episode of Season 5.

Jackson will guest star as Cooper, a young man who has gone through a lot in his life and who, according to THR, has realized life is extremely precious. This realization will allow the teen to bond with Silver, who has dealt with a troubled past and the death of her mother throughout the tenure of the series. This will be Jackson’s official acting debut. If he’s any good, great, and if he’s not so great, at least on a show like 90210 this is unlikely to make or break the ratings.

The finale of 90210 won’t be the new actor’s first tenure in the spotlight. Recently, Entertainment Tonight also announced the newcomer has signed on to be a guest correspondent. The 16-year-old’s first gig with the show was to interview James Franco, Zach Braff, and Sam Raimi about Oz: The Great and Powerful. He may continue as a special correspondent as needed in the future.

While interviewing requires a completely different skill set than acting, it’s hard to fault the teen for taking advantage of the opportunities thrown his way. It’s actually advisable for a person to try things out when he or she is young and then to pick a trajectory after that person has dabbled for a while.