Quarterlife Tanks In The Ratings, Moves To Bravo

I don’t want anything from MySpace to be on my television. Maybe that makes me old, but whatever. I didn’t want Tila Tequila and I definitely didn’t want NBC to waste airtime on Quarterlife. So it is for this reason that I had an evil laugh to myself when I heard that Quarterlife absolutely tanked in the ratings Tuesday night. With 3.1 million viewers, it was the worst performance in the 10 pm time-slot that NBC has seen in 17 years. Unsurprisingly, we won’t be seeing it on NBC next Tuesday.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC is dumping the series onto NBC Universal-owned Bravo. Despite Quarterlife’s crash and burn, NBC co-Chair Ben Silverman (who is a documented jackhole) reportedly said that moving the Internet series to network television was “so worth the try.” Quarterlife’s co-creator Marshall Herskovitz is playing the “well, of course it didn’t work on TV, it was never meant to work” card saying, ”We're deeply grateful for NBC's efforts to make Quarterlife a success on network television," he said. "However, I've always had concerns about whether Quarterlife was the kind of show that could pull in the big numbers necessary to succeed on a major broadcast network.” Funny how those concerns didn’t keep him from taking the money NBC offered.

Regardless, the show about “a group of twenty-something artists, who are coming of age in the digital generation” that could alternately be described as “blogity blog-blog blerg,” will finish out its 6-episode run on Bravo to a crowd that will probably be just as unenthusiastic as those who saw it on NBC. However, for the people who will actually miss Quarterlife, never fear. I hear that Chris Crocker, the “Leave Britney Alone” guy has a deal for a reality show. So there’s that. Viva la Internet!