Earlier today, I was watching an episode of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover in which Tabatha was trying and trying to help a young woman improve her salon skills. At the end of the day, the young girl proved inept, and an exasperated Tabatha said she didn’t know what the girl’s possible career options were, but cutting hair really wasn’t high on the list. While most of us are never blatantly told we suck at what we do, there are times I think many of us look back at what led us to our careers and wonder “what if.”

Even celebrities can second guess their line of work and American Idol judge Randy Jackson is ready to exploit the “what if” possibilities. He’s put together a new show with Shed Media for VH1 called Aptitude Test, which will follow celebrities as they try out a new career. According to Deadline, each episode will feature a celebrity who will take a high school aptitude test to determine what he or she is really good at. Then, the show will disguise the celebrity and send him or her out into the field, sort of like Undercover Boss. At the end of each episode, the celebrity will be unveiled.

Obviously, unless VH1 is springing for some killer makeup crews, the celebrities on the show will not be able to be people as renowned as Britney Spears. Still, answering the “What if” question could be cool. It’ll be interesting to see what celebrities sink or swim – especially what celebrities are actually competent at something other than their day job. Besides, I’d rather see a program like this this than the celebrity couple rehab bullshit VH1 is also up to right now.

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