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So, Kanye West has caused a general hubbub since he first hit the hip hop scene in a big way in 2004. Unfortunately, a lot of that hubbub has been with regards to his personal behavior in the past few years. And, this weekend, he came very close to derailing his musical segments on Saturday Night Live.

A report from Page Six says that Kanye West had an “epic tantrum” back stage at Saturday’s SNL broadcast. Not during rehearsals for the show over the previous week. Or, even very early in the day. But right before the show and during the live broadcast.

Apparently, Kanye West had a problem with the set for his performances, which was comprised of a giant video screen and not much else. Multiple Page Six sources have said that his meltdown included him threatening to walk away from his two performances on the Melissa McCarthy hosted program and leave the show high and dry, without, presumably, any way to find another musical guest at that late hour.

It looks like Kanye West needed some soothing, and, luckily, some people were on hand to help SNL out with that. The first line of defense was Mr. SNL himself, Lorne Michaels. The SNL executive producer and all-around mastermind stepped in, no doubt after numerous producers and other staffers tried to calm West down (or heard the ruckus he caused), to try to solve the problem before things got even more out of hand. But, it turns out Michaels didn’t quite have the right music to soothe this savage beast.


While Lorne Michaels was able to calmly talk to Kanye West to try to defuse the situation, someone decided to bring in the big guns (no pun intended) to get West to back down and follow through on his gig: Kim Kardashian. West’s wife was in the audience and willingly headed back stage to try to get him to see reason.

Kanye West’s personal behavior has been the stuff of news for quite a while now. During a Hurricane Katrina telethon, West went off script and basically called President Bush racist, later apologizing on the Today show. He’s also had to apologize for giving a voice to racial stereotypes of Jewish people, and infamously interrupting Taylor Swift’s 2009 MTV Video Music Awards acceptance speech. Of course, his most recent album has a song on it that declares his actions on that night are what made Swift famous. So, so much for that apology. West has, in fact, almost made a second career out of acting out at awards shows.

Somehow, between Michaels and Kardashian, West was convinced to go on with the show as planned. He’s performed on SNL a lot at this point, but I can’t help but wonder if they’ll only ask him back once everyone at the show has taken a dealing-with-difficult-people seminar.