Revenge Season 2 Adds Wendy Crewson As A Guest Star

Conrad Grayson already has a strong leading lady to face on a fairly regular basis, with frequent confrontations with his wife Victoria. While Madeleine Stowe certainly holds her own, and Emily VanCamp is another female force to be reckoned with, ABC's Revenge could always use one more strong female character. And it appears to be getting one in the latest guest star to be announced for the drama series' second season.

TV Guide shared the news that Wendy Crewson is set to guest star in Revenge in Season 2. She'll appear in at least one episode, playing Helen, "a powerful business executive who has dealings with Conrad." She's described as a woman who "exudes power" and has a way of dominating anyone who sets foot in her office. Seems like exactly the right kind of character for a show like this, which already boasts a few characters who "exude power." Right now it's just a one-episode spot, but it sounds like there's a chance she could recur. It'll be interesting to see what kind of role she plays in the overall scheme of things, and whether her character plays a factor in Emily's revenge plans.

Crewson's credits include playing a doctor on the Canadian drama (which is also airing on NBC) Saving Hope. She's also appeared in Fairly Legal, Alcatraz and CSI. Going back a bit further, she had a recurring role in the third season of 24 as Dr. Anne Packard, and she played the wife to Harrison Ford's President Marshall in Air Force One.

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