NBC’s Revolution is a dystopian tale of a world that lacks electricity. The United States has retreated from an era of comfort and civility into a war torn world of survival where militias dominate and average people quake at a militias arrival. In the midst of this, fans of the series have followed a story of spunky renegades. While the crew, which includes Charlie and her Uncle Miles, have gotten in and out of trouble from the beginning, it all seems to be leading to a battle of epic proportion.

In the following poster, which can also be viewed at Revolution’s Facebook page, the show seems to be teasing an action-filled battle that will begin during next week’s fall finale. More likely, it will be a long, drawn out sort of battle, meant to keep fans invested over the long haul, but since the show has been devoted to tons of action so far, a girl can dream.

Last night’s episode of NBC’s hit freshman drama, “Kashmir,” hooked our team up with a group of rebels, cut out the flashbacks, and landed them smack dab into some trouble with the militia--with Led Zeppelin music playing in the background to boot. It all seems to be leading to a pretty epic fall finale, but I still wonder if the real fun won’t start until Revolution returns to its regular airtime this spring. Then again, this show has proven to be more of the blazing glory ilk than a drama that slowly simmers.

You can catch Revolution's fall finale Monday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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