Archery's in these days, what with the popularity of The Hunger Games and The CW's Arrow. The CW superhero may have some arrow-shooting competition, should things work out for the Robin Hood-themed pilot that's in development for the network.

THR reports that The CW is looking to develop Robin Hood pilot Sherwood, which is described as an hourlong period drama set in England around 1072. While there is a Robin Hood character mentioned in the premise, it sounds like the focus of this project would be on a young noblewoman who sets out to free her wrongfully imprisoned serf boyfriend and eventually seeks the help of Robin of Locksley, which results in her bringing Robin Hood back together with his merry men. Between that and the title, which emphasizes the familiar wooded setting as opposed to mentioning Robin Hood specifically, it seems like the premise would have some flexibility in how closely it sticks to the original story and character. Tze Chun is set to write the script with Emily Owens, M.D.'s Dan Jinks on board to executive produce.

With all of the projects the CW has in development, a number of which involve Hunger Games-like premises, I'm already picturing this unnamed noblewomen with a smudge of dirt on her cheek and an bow in her hands. THR also points out that Sherwood is the latest high-profile hero to arrive at the network among the projects in development, joining the Wonder Woman origin story project Amazon. We'll have to wait and see whether or not Sherwood goes forward, but the mentioned premise certainly has potential.

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