NBC has given the greenlight to another comedy pilot, bringing their total this season to eleven and four just in the past two days. The latest to get the go-ahead is the Mike Sikowitz multi-cultural comedy Welcome To The Family.

The single-camera comedy will follow the lives of a couple who fall in love and unexpectedly (and not intentionally) conceive their first child all in quick succession, bringing together their two families. One family is white, while the other is Latino, and the two are forced to learn to understand each other’s cultures. The project started life under the title Chuey & Me, but NBC seems to have thought better of that one, although I’m not sure I agree with the change. Deadline says Sikowitz, the executive producer on Rules of Engagement is both writing and producing the pilot.

Welcome to the Family joins the three other comedy pilots that NBC picked up along with two dramas yesterday. The pilots ordered were Liz Brixius’ (Nurse Jackie) Girlfriend in a Coma, The Office’s Justin Spitzer’s ensemble comedy Holding Patterns, and an untitled DJ Nash project. Among the others NBC has ordered to pilot are a comedy based on the book and Hugh Grant movie About a Boy and a semi-autobiographical project set to star Jessica Simpson. In addition to the now eleven comedy pilots, NBC has already sent a Michael J. Fox comedy straight to series. It would seem that with so much to look at this season NBC is bound to come up with something good.

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