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Is Justin Timberlake set to host the season finale of SNL? That’s the rumor of the day after the show’s Twitter account responded to a fan saying just as much, only to delete any trace of it a bit later. Could an eager, misguided staffer have spoiled the surprise? Or was this simply a tongue in cheek joke taken way too seriously by people like me? I don’t know. Let’s think this out rationally.

Last season’s finale was hosted by Alec Baldwin. The one before that was run by Will Ferrell, and the one previous to him featured Steve Carell. The occasional mediocre host may squeak by during a February episode now and again, but Saturday Night Live can normally be counted on for a big name monologue during its annual May finale. There is arguably no more popular recurring host than Justin Timberlake. He’s been in countless sketches that have gone viral, and the lead up excitement tends to skyrocket during the week prior to his appearance. He seems like a perfect candidate to host the season finale.

The Huffington Post seemed just as confident when they posted their story earlier today, and despite the fact that the Tweet has been deleted, I still put the odds of Timberlake hosting at well over fifty percent. You have the facts, go ahead and decide for yourself.