Rush Hour Is Moving Forward Over At CBS

We’re one step closer to having a hit 1990s action comedy turned into a CBS series, which is either a cause for celebration or outrage, depending on how you feel about medium-switching remakes in the first place. CBS has put in an official order for a Rush Hour pilot, which probably means that jokes about Asian stereotypes will be all over our TVs this fall. Wanna handle this one, Fresh Off the Boat?

CBS first entered into development on an episodic version of Rush Hour a few months back, and apparently they’re liking what they’re seeing, as this now serves as the network’s most high-profile pilot this season. (I guess the Criminal Minds spinoff matches up, but that’s a project that comes with a built-in network fanbase.) Given the creative team behind it, I can understand why there’s more positivity than anything else.

Rush Hour is being put together by Bill Lawrence, creator of such series as Scrubs and Cougar Town, and Blake McCormick, one of the Cougar Town writers. Just about everything Lawrence touches is worth its weight in laughs, so it’ll be interesting to see how heavy into the action-drama things go. The original’s director Brett Ratner is on board as an executive producer, so we can probably expect some high-stakes madness.

The pilot will basically follow the same premise of the first film, which sees a Hong Kong cop making his way to Los Angeles for a big case, and has him paired up with a black LAPD officer who is in no way, shape or form ready to work with a partner. Least of all someone with whom he has very little in common. As far as things go right now, original stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker aren’t involved. While I’m optimistic about what Lawrence will do, I cringe thinking about scenes like this blaring out of my TV.

According to EW, CBS also announced two more pilots that they’ve ordered, bringing their total to over ten. The comedy Joe Time, developed by Modern Family writer Bill Wrubel, centers on a family man who is bothered by the fact that everyone around him is having a better time at life than he is. And Super Clyde, first developed in 2013 by My Name is Earl creator Greg Garcia, will follow a weak-willed fast food employee who finds his calling in life.

There’s no telling when CBS might have more news about Rush Hour, but we can expect to hear about casting news in the following weeks. Are you guys excited to see this pilot possibly making its way to series?

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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