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This weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live was not only special because Will Ferrell returned to the sketch comedy series to host, but also because it featured the 100th digital short. And what a very special digital short it was, complete with music, celebrity appearances and nods to some of the most memorable digital shorts from over the years.

The Lonely Island was short one Akiva at the intro, but fortunately, Justin Bieber was on hand to fill in, and to play innocent when Andy and Jorma got to the twist. Amidst a sea of references to past sketches (including reprises featuring the likes of Natalie Portman and Michael Bolton), Jorma and Andy revealed that they were able to perform a certain act upon their own person.

Even Will Ferrell and musical guest Usher got in on the action. And as Natalie Portman rapping is one of my all-time favorite digital shorts, I was especially glad to see her back, baby-in-hand, to reprise her own musical number and show us that even with a baby, she hasn't lost her edge.

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