Saturday Night Live Highlights: Charles Barkley Hosts, Drunk Uncle Returns

Hosting Saturday Night Live last night for the third time was Charles Barkley, who did deliver laughs in a number of sketches, while Kelly Clarkson was on hand as the musical guest. But the episode over all had more misses than hits. Catch the clips ahead.

I’d blame the less than hilarious episode of SNL more on the show itself than on Barkley, who is actually pretty funny, as evidenced by his opening monologue, in which he comments on his weight-loss and new gig as spokesman for Weight Watchers. Beyond that, the pace seemed off last night, though many, if not all of the sketches, did try to make use of Barkley as host in some way or form. Among the sketches that worked best were "The NBA on TNT," more because two of the cast members broke toward the end, and “White People Problems.” I also found the “Wyndemere” sketch to be bizarrely funny, despite the fact that I didn’t really get it. The real high point of the episode may have been during Weekend Update, especially for those who like Bobby Moynihan’s “Drunk Uncle” bit. You can catch those below, along with the rest of the sketches, as well as both of Kelly Clarkson’s musical performances.

Santorum Address Cold Open

?Barkley Monologue


Weekend Update: Michele Bachmann

? Chantix

? ? White People Problems

Kelly Clarkson "(What Doesn't Kill You) Stronger"

? Weekend Update: Drunk Uncle

Weekend Update: Nicholas Fehn

?? Digital Short: Convoluted Jerry

?Kelly Clarkson "Mr. Know It All”

? New Mayan Calendar

Joann’s Announcement


Adult Video Awards in Memoriam

Kelly Clarkson: Mr. Know It All

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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