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Saturday Night Live Is Parting Ways With 2 More Cast Members, Might Demote A Third

Yesterday, Saturday Night Live freshman Brooks Wheelan announced he’d been given the heave-ho by NBC. Today, two of his fellow castmembers were given the same pink slips and the future of a third is reportedly up in the air. When next season begins, Noel Wells and John Milhiser won't be there and Mike O'Brien may or may not be there.

The news was first published by Deadline. The outlet claims Lorne Michaels and company have decided to make some serious changes. Of the two fired ones, Wells is definitely the more famous.. You can check out a picture of her below…

She’s probably best remembered for playing Lena Dunham in the Girls sketch, but she also popped up in a fair amount of other things during her now one and only season. Unfortunately, the totality of her resume just wasn’t enough to convince the decision-makers at Saturday Night Live to give her another chance. So, she’s out the door, and she’ll be joined there by John Milhiser, who also didn’t make the cut. You can remind yourself of what he looks like below…

John Milhiser’s loss is a little less of a surprise. He’s a talented dude, but he was never able to make a clear case for his Saturday Night Live existence. Typically, to survive Season 1, a new performer needs to offer something very tangible, whether it be a new character, a clear chemistry with an older cast member or a chameleon-like ability to be in a large number of sketches every week. Neither of these two were able to do that.

As for longtime writer Mike O’Brien, his future is a little more up in the air.

He was on quite a bit during the second half of the season and even became a fan favorite in some circles for his off-beat energy and strange sketch choices, but Saturday Night Live reportedly is weighing the pros and cons of letting him continue to do his thing or pushing him back to just writer status. If the latter happens, he may not want to continue with the show. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Saturday Night Live seems like a really fun place to work. In fact, the majority of the long-running show’s former stars talk about their tenures in glowing terms. Unfortunately, the experience is a whole lot more stressful for those fighting for screentime. It’s a vicious double-edged sword that requires continued output in exchange for glory and good times, and not everyone has the right combination of talent and good fortune to achieve.

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