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Saturday Night Live's Stefon Appears In An Unlikely Christmas Card

With extra resources and strange personalities, celebrities often have time to get goofy with their holiday correspondences. For instance, Baltimore hometown director John Waters once sent out a Christmas Card with Steve Buscemi’s face on it as a joke. I’m not certain anyone can beat a couple of look alikes, but the folks over at Saturday Night Live seem to have given it a shot.

Theater promoter Aaron Meier has posted a photo on his tumblr of what he claims is the Saturday Night Live Christmas card. Featuring Bill Hader's popular character Stefon, it shows the eccentric club fan embedded into a famous Norman Rockwell photo called Freedom From Want. Go ahead and check out the photo below...

I can't tell you how much I hope this is legitimate. There’s such a clash in the representation of Stefon and the ideal world Rockwell represented. It definitely serves to explain why Stefon’s had “a weird few years.”