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Scandal Finale Discussion, Season 3 Bloopers And More Revealed During Jimmy Kimmel Special

Major spoilers if you aren't caught up on Scandal through last night's Season 3 finale!

Jimmy Kimmel took Scandal fans "Behind the Scandalabra" with a Scandal post-finale special featuring Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes, who dished the dirt on some of the decisions made this season. For example, did you know Jake was almost made Fitz's new Vice President? From what Rhimes revealed, it sounds like the writers were split on whether to make him the head of B613 or the VP. They actually shot both scenarios and Rhimes says it was decided that the VP direction felt stupid, so they went with B613.

That's just one piece of info shared during the special. Here's the second part of Kimmel's interview with Rhimes, in which she discusses killing off characters and how they break the news to the actors...

Rhimes seems to avoid directly addressing whether or not Harrison is alive. It's entirely possible the character's fate isn't decided. The finale left off with Rowan revealing some key information and then Harrison being held at gunpoint. Again. We might assume that because Harrison knows so much about what Rowan did, he's a goner, but this series has a way of turning things around on a character, so there's really no telling what's going to happen there.

It's great that Kimmel took some time to really explore the show with Rhimes, but it wasn't all serious business. There was a great blooper reel, which shows off some of the laughs and slip-ups during the filming of the season...

Great Felicity reference! But it's bizarre seeing such a serious scene followed by a goofy joke.

Speaking of goofy, there's also this video, which has an "informant" revealing the wicked details of the Scandal cast...

The truth comes out! And it includes the fact that Tony Goldwyn buys goldfish just to flush them down the toilet. He calls it his golden whirlpool. That is amazing information.

In related news, TVLine reports that a|Scandal's Season 3 finale was the most-watched finale yet, with 10.5 million viewers tuning in to see the chaos that ensued. Finale numbers like that shouldn't hurt the series' chances of renewal, but nothing's confirmed yet, so let's hope ABC finds a place for Scandal on their 2014-2015 lineup! Read our breakdown of last night's finale here!

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