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Scandal Season 2, Episode 19 Promo Teases More Drama... In Three Weeks

Wait… what? Three weeks? That's what the trailer says. We're looking at another sizable gap between new episodes of Scandal, which is disappointing. But on the bright side, ABC's not in a rush to burn through episodes and get us to the finale, which is on the schedule for May 16. Given last night's suspenseful wrap-up, I can only imagine what this show has planned for us. Speaking of last night - stop reading if you're not caught up! - the cat is out of the bag! And it happened about five seconds after Olivia and Jake crossed that line. What's next?

Based on the promo, Olivia's angry with Fitz over having her watched. That much, we should have expected. But how mad is she at Jake? Will she follow along with his plan and pretend like she never met him? And if so, does that mean there's a chance these two could try to actually see each other? Another secret relationship for Olivia? It's not hard to picture!

Meanwhile, Huck looks pretty damaged from what he's been through. Maybe Quinn will take him to watch that family he likes to observe (spy on) to snap him out of it. Huck and Quinn have been spending a lot of time together lately. Is it a stretch to wonder if something might happen there? I suppose they need to get Huck talking again before we can do much romantic speculation.But we have three weeks to ponder over the fate of the characters. For the record, three weeks is April 25, but we haven't heard word on an episode title yet nor has ABC posted a description. We'll be sure to update you once they do! In the meantime, be sure to pick up this week's Entertainment Weekly. Olivia and Fitz (or Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn) are on the cover!