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Scrubs' Michael Mosley Boards Pan Am Pilot

From what I’ve heard, flying in a plane used to be a fairly glamorous experience. This, of course, was back before security procedures required passengers to be groped by a stranger before even making it to the gate. ABC’s drama pilot Pan Am will explore such a time period and actor Michael Mosley has been brought on board. (Yup, went there.)

Deadline reported that Scrubs’ Michael Mosley was cast in ABC’s drama pilot Pan Am, a series set in the ‘60’s that follows people working for Pan Am airline. Mosley will play a humorous co-pilot with a buzz-cut.

I actually have high hopes for Pan Am despite it being described as a “sexy soap.” Since Mad Men, I’ve been hoping to see other shows set in earlier time periods. I think we’re due for more shows that utilize a time period for the sake of the characters and the story as opposed to relying on it for comedic purposes. If Pan Am’s version of the ‘60’s is anything like Mad Men, I expect to see cabins full of cigarette smoke and hear the sound of ice clinking around in glasses.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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