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See Breaking Bad's Walter White And His Meth Lab In LEGO Form

Well, it's probably not the kind of LEGO creation you'd want your kids coming up with, but then again, who said LEGOs were only for kids? Breaking Bad fans are likely to appreciate what one imaginative LEGO builder put together, inspired by the AMC drama series.

They probably don't make LEGOs specifically shaped like crystal meth, but one LEGO uses was resourceful enough to improvise when he put together a Breaking Bad-inspired meth-lab model made of LEGOs. The photo gallery was posted on Reddit (via ion), and gives us a look at what Walter White's meth lab would look like in LEGO form, complete with hazmat-suit wearing LEGO-Walter and LEGO-Jesse, and pieces of blue meth. Here are a couple of them...

OK, so it's a little disturbing to see a meth lab in LEGO form, but as a fan of the show, it's difficult not to get a little bit geeky over this (and want to play with it).

Not forgotten is Gus, who's shown here gripping what must be an El Pollo Locos chicken wing.

I like that he's suited up and everything.

On a related note, in case you lost track, we're less than a month away from the return of Breaking Bad for Season 5! If you haven't seen it already, check out this photo from the Season 5 premiere, which shows Walt and Jesse together.

Breaking Bad returns to AMC for Season 5 on July 15.