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Want to see what happens when the cast of Community is mashed with Batman villains? Some talented artist out there did just that and shared this clever illustration, which has our beloved Community characters looking quite villainous and dressed for Gotham City mayhem.

Via GeeksofDoom.com, an artist who goes by the username kinjamin at Deviantart.com shared their fan art below, which is apparently their vision of Season 6 (“Six seasons and a movie!”) and the Darkest Timeline. Dean Pelton and Britta are both Poison Ivy, Jeff is Two-Face, Annie is Harley Quinn, Abed is the Joker, Troy is Riddler, Senor Chang is Bane, Pierce is Mr. Freeze, and Shirley is Catwoman (the Michelle Pfeiffer version). Kinjamin offers explanations for almost all of the characters’ costume, which you can read here.

(click the image to see the bigger version)

Up near the top of the picture, you’ll see the words, “Our Goal: Return to the Prime Timeline... Destroy the good versions of ourselves and reclaim our proper lives.” The darkest timeline indeed.

What say you, Batman fans? Did they match the Greendale gang with the right villains?

The artist has another Batman/Community mash-up photo here.